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Unleash the power and precision of the BPS Audio CH260-TIND Car Audio Driver, designed to dominate in car audio competitions. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this 2" titanium neodymium compression driver delivers uncompromising performance for the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

Equipped with a 3" voice coil and capable of handling up to 260 watts of power, the CH260-TIND is built to deliver exceptional clarity and volume. With a sensitivity of 110 dB, every detail of your audio will be reproduced with stunning accuracy, ensuring an immersive and captivating listening experience.

Experience the full range of frequencies with the CH260-TIND's impressive frequency response of 1,000Hz to 18,000Hz. From punchy midrange to shimmering highs, this driver captures every nuance of your music with remarkable precision.

Crafted with a titanium diaphragm, the CH260-TIND combines strength and lightness for optimal performance. The result is an incredibly responsive driver that faithfully reproduces the intricate details and dynamics of your audio tracks.

Prepare to dominate the competition with the BPS Audio CH260-TIND Car Audio Driver. Elevate your car audio system to new heights and experience the pinnacle of performance and precision. Get ready to captivate audiences with the power and clarity of this exceptional driver by BPS Audio.

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