8" Midrage Speaker -8-500MR- -Bps Audio-lo

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Experience unparalleled audio performance with the BPS Audio 8" Midrange Speaker. Designed to be versatile and deliver exceptional midbass and midrange response, this speaker is the perfect choice for those seeking high-quality sound reproduction.

With an RMS Power Handling of 250 Watts and a Max Power Handling of 500 Watts, this speaker provides ample power to bring your music to life. The sensitivity of 95dB ensures efficient conversion of power into sound, resulting in clear and impactful audio.

The wide frequency response of 100Hz-9500Hz captures the full range of midrange frequencies, delivering crisp vocals and detailed instrumentals. Whether you're listening to your favorite songs or engaging in immersive audio experiences, this speaker ensures every note is heard with utmost clarity.

Featuring a 1.5" voice coil diameter with CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire), this speaker maximizes power handling capabilities while maintaining excellent heat dissipation for prolonged use. The stamped steel basket provides durability and stability, while the paper cone and cloth surround offer optimal sound reproduction and longevity.

Equipped with a ferrite magnet, this speaker delivers strong and controlled bass response, adding depth and impact to your audio. It strikes the perfect balance between versatility and midbass performance, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including car audio systems and home theater setups.

Upgrade your audio system with the BPS Audio 8" Midrange Speaker and enjoy the ultimate combination of versatility and exceptional sound reproduction. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear vocals, powerful midbass, and a truly immersive listening experience.


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