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Unleash the power and dominance of the ultimate 12" midbass speaker designed specifically for car audio competition and high-performance applications. With a nominal diameter of 12" and a robust 8 ohm nominal impedance, this speaker is built to handle intense power and deliver exceptional performance. With an impressive RMS Power Handling of 800 Watts and an astonishing Max Power Handling of 1600 Watts, it effortlessly amplifies your music to new levels of intensity. The speaker's sensitivity of 99 dB ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction, capturing every detail with precision and clarity. The wide frequency response of 70Hz-5000Hz guarantees a full and immersive audio experience, covering the entire midbass range. Equipped with a 3.5" Voice Coil diameter and utilizing CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire), this speaker maximizes power handling and ensures superior heat dissipation for extended playtime. The Die Cast Aluminum basket provides a sturdy foundation for optimal performance and durability. Prepare to dominate the competition and experience unrivaled performance with the best-in-class 12" midbass speaker for car audio enthusiasts and high-performance seekers.
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