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Discover the ultimate in high-frequency audio reproduction with the best bullet super tweeter by BPS Audio. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and clarity, this tweeter is a must-have for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

With an RMS power handling of 125 Watts and a program power of 250 Watts, this tweeter is capable of handling even the most demanding audio setups. Its high sensitivity rating of 107 dB ensures efficient power conversion, resulting in crisp and detailed sound reproduction.

Covering a wide frequency range of 3,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz, this tweeter captures the finest details and nuances in your audio, bringing out the brilliance in vocals, instruments, and high-frequency effects. Experience a heightened sense of realism and depth as every note comes to life.

Featuring a 1.00" voice coil diameter with CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire), this tweeter offers excellent power handling capabilities while maintaining optimal heat dissipation. The aluminum frame provides durability and stability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Enhanced by a ferrite magnet, this tweeter delivers powerful and controlled high-frequency response, adding sparkle and brilliance to your audio. Whether you're building a car audio system or a professional audio setup, the BPS Audio bullet super tweeter is the perfect choice for achieving exceptional high-frequency performance.

Upgrade your audio system with confidence, knowing that you have the best bullet super tweeter in your arsenal. Immerse yourself in detailed and immersive sound reproduction, and enjoy a truly captivating audio experience. Elevate your audio journey with the BPS Audio bullet super tweeter and bring your music to life like never before.

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