2” Exit Long Plastic Horno

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Experience the pinnacle of power and clarity with our revolutionary 2" Exit Long Plastic Horn waveguide, specially designed for car audio drivers. This horn is engineered to deliver maximum performance, ensuring every beat and note is reproduced with precision and intensity.

Constructed from high-quality plastic, this horn offers exceptional durability while maintaining optimal sound quality. The long design of the horn enhances sound dispersion, allowing for wider coverage and a more immersive audio experience.

The 2" exit diameter enables seamless integration with car audio drivers, optimizing their performance and maximizing power handling capabilities. With this horn, you can push the boundaries of your car audio system, delivering mind-blowing sound that captivates and energizes.

Whether you're a car audio enthusiast or a professional seeking unparalleled performance, our 2" Exit Long Plastic Horn waveguide is the ultimate choice for achieving maximum power and clarity.

Upgrade your car audio system today and unleash the true potential of your drivers with our state-of-the-art horn waveguide. Elevate your audio experience and enjoy unrivaled power and clarity on every journey.


Throat Diameter 2” 
Mounting Type Bolt-on
     Bolt Circle


Nominal Coverage  
     Horizontal 60°
     Vertical 60°
Flare type Exponential
Material Plastic (ABS)
Finish / Coating White
     Height 6.60″ 
     Depth 9.40″ (239 mm)
Net weight
1.00 lb


Side Panel - 1
Side Panel - 2
Side Panel - 3