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Introducing our exceptional 2" Neodymium Midrange Driver, also known as the "Driver Doble," designed to exceed all expectations in power and performance. With a power capacity of 400 Watts (2x200W above 300Hz) and a peak power of 2000 Watts (2x1000W above 400Hz), this driver delivers an unparalleled level of power to fuel your audio system.

Built with the best materials and engineering expertise, our driver sets itself apart from the competition. The high-performance neodymium magnet ensures efficient and precise sound reproduction, while the advanced design and construction guarantee exceptional durability and reliability.

Featuring an impressive sensitivity of 123dB (1W/1M), this driver delivers incredible output levels and ensures every detail of your audio is heard with utmost clarity. With a wide frequency range of 200Hz to 9KHz, it captures the crucial midrange frequencies, providing a balanced and natural sound reproduction.

Whether you're a car audio enthusiast or a professional seeking unmatched performance, our 2" Neodymium Midrange Driver is the ideal choice. It brings your audio to life, allowing you to experience the full depth and richness of your music.

Upgrade your audio system and unleash the true potential of your sound with our extraordinary Driver Doble. Prepare to be immersed in a world of powerful and precise sound reproduction like never before.

Model Number   CH-2000ND
  Throat Diameter   2.0in(50.8mm)
  Mounting Type   Bolt-on
  Nominal Impedance   16 ohm x 2 = (8ohm) 
  Power Capacity   400Watts (2x200W above 300Hz)  
  Peak Power   2000Watts (2x1000W above 400Hz)  
  Sensitivity(1W/1M)   123dB
  Frequency Range   200Hz-9KHz 
  Diaphragm Material   Polyester
  Voice Coil Diameter   2x3.5in(2x90mm)
  Voice Coil Material   Kapton
  Flux Density   1.95T  
  Magnet Material   Neodymium
Side Panel - 1
Side Panel - 2
Side Panel - 3