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Introducing the BPS-03C, our advanced 3-Way Electronic Crossover, designed to elevate your audio system to new heights. This crossover offers unparalleled control and flexibility, allowing you to fine-tune your sound and optimize the performance of your speakers and subwoofer.

Equipped with 2/4/6 channel input options, the BPS-03C accommodates various audio setups, providing seamless integration with your existing system. The 6-channel / 5 Volt RCA outputs (Front/Rear/Subwoofer) ensure high-quality signal transmission to your amplifiers and speakers, delivering pristine sound reproduction.

With front/rear/subwoofer level control, you have complete command over the individual volume levels, enabling precise balancing of your audio components. The subwoofer equalizer and boost level control allow you to tailor the bass response to your preference, ensuring deep and impactful low-frequency reproduction.

The high-pass crossover frequency multiplier allows you to set specific cutoff frequencies for each channel, optimizing the performance of your speakers and enhancing sound clarity. Additionally, the included remote subwoofer level control puts the power in your hands, allowing you to adjust the subwoofer volume on the fly.

Experience the ultimate control and precision in your audio system with the BPS-03C 3-Way Electronic Crossover. Unleash the full potential of your speakers and subwoofer, and enjoy a truly immersive and personalized listening experience. Upgrade your sound system today and elevate your audio to the next level.

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